Business Card

The new card comes with an enhanced security chip for better banking security.

What you must do...

Download the Business Card Maintenance form, fill out and submit to the nearest OCBC Bank branch.

The instructions are given in the letter sent through postage for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are replacing our existing Business ATM cards with new ones that come with an enhanced chip for better security to safeguard against potential fraudulent activities.

Replacement is free of charge (This applies only to existing ATM Card which does not have the new enhanced chip.)

You can use your new ATM Card in the usual way as you do.

You will first need to activate this feature on your new ATM Card. You can do this at our 24-hour self-service banking ATM terminals within Malaysia.

We highly encourage you to replace your existing ATM Card as soon as possible. All cardholders must replace their existing cards latest by 31 October 2017.

You will not be able to use your existing ATM card at any ATMs nationwide after 31 October 2017.

Complete the Business Card Maintenance form and get the authorised persons appointed by your Board of Director/ your Partners/ the Sole Proprietor/ your Management Committee to sign it.

Submit the completed form along with your old ATM Cards to any OCBC Bank branch as soon as possible.

Yes, your personal OCBC Bank ATM card will also be replaced. You will be notified separately on that.

If you require more help, call us at 1300-88-7000 or send an email to