OCBC OneToken


What is OCBC OneToken?

OCBC OneToken is a digital token installed on your phone. It replaces the need for a hardware token for all online banking activities, making your online banking experience simpler and more secure.

How does OCBC OneToken works?

The OCBC OneToken replaces your hardware token, which means that transactions made on both OCBC Malaysia Business Mobile Banking App and OCBC Velocity (Business Internet Banking), will use the OCBC OneToken service for authentication.

What is OneToken PIN?

OneToken PIN ensures that only you have access to your activated OCBC OneToken, and you will need this PIN to log in and approve transactions.

You will need to create this PIN during OCBC OneToken activation. Please remember your OneToken Pin and do not share it with anyone.

Why do I need to set up OCBC OneToken?

OCBC OneToken makes your digital banking with OCBC more convenient by removing the need to carry your hardware token around. In addition, the security has been enhanced to provide greater protection than before.

What are the differences between OCBC OneToken and a hardware token?

OCBC OneToken is designed to work as part of the OCBC Malaysia Business Mobile Banking app, which means you do not need to carry a hardware token with you. You can conveniently access OCBC Velocity (Business Internet Banking) and Business Mobile Banking simply with your mobile device.