Export Letter of Credit (Export LC) Discounting

Assures you payment when
your documents meet the terms
& conditions in the Letter of Credit

  • Payment is guaranteed by the issuing bank of the LC when your documents meet the terms and conditions of the LC
    • Reduce the payment risks with Export LC Confirmation
      • Better manage your cash flow with Export LC Discounting / Negotiation
        How to apply

        Fees and charges would depend on various factors such as transaction amount, tenor, currency etc.

        Service commitment

        Same-day processing of your application and checking of your trade documents

        (when your application is in order)

        Late cut-off time

        Cut-off time at 4pm allows greater flexibility

        How to apply

        Download and complete the related forms

        Trade Application Forms

        Submit the completed forms and your trade documents at a Business Banking Service Desk near you or Trade Finance Operations.

        Find nearest Business Banking Service Desk

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