Import Documentary Collection

Intermediary services
that facilitate trade settlement
between buyer & seller

  • Your transport documents are delivered through banks to facilitate the payment
    • Lower bank charges and faster processing
      • Under import collection, documents can be made available to buyer on:
        • Documents against payment basis (D/P), where the presenting bank will only release the documents to the buyer upon payment
        • Documents against acceptance basis (D/A), where the presenting bank will release the documents upon acceptance of the seller's bills of exchange for deferred payment
      How to apply

      Fees and charges would depend on various factors such as transaction amount, tenor, currency etc.

      Service commitment

      Same-day notification of incoming documents

      Click here for detail.

      Late cut-off time

      Greater flexibility with cut-off time at 5pm on weekdays

      Add-on services

      Shipping guarantee

      Take delivery of the goods before the receipt of the bill of lading / air waybill.

      Trust receipt

      Get financing for your purchases under documentary collection

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